By Gabriel - Tags #glossary - Updated on : February 3, 2023

FCFS is a term used to describe a first-come, first-serve system. This type of system is often used for sneaker releases, as it allows those who are first in line to purchase the sneaker. This system is often used when there is a limited number of sneakers available, as it ensures that those who are most eager to purchase the sneaker are able to get it.

Another example of where FCFS is commonly used is in the context of scheduling processes in computer science. In this case, the system assigns resources to processes in the order in which they request them. The advantage of this approach is its simplicity, as it does not require any complex algorithms to decide which process should be given resources next. However, it can lead to issues such as starvation, where a process that arrives later may have to wait a long time before it gets its turn to use resources.

In contrast to FCFS, there are other scheduling algorithms that aim to optimize the use of resources by taking into account factors such as the priority of the process, the amount of resources it requires, or the time it has already spent waiting. These algorithms can lead to better performance and reduced waiting times for certain processes, but they also require more complex implementations and can be harder to understand and reason about.