PS5 Twitter Accounts Alerts - Restock tracker

Discover all the PS5 Restock Twitter accounts alerts listed by the TimeToCop team. A Twitter alert account can be useful to get alerts on PS5 restock in a specific geographical area, or on a specific marketplace. To maximize your chances, we recommend following multiple accounts and enabling notifications ! Following the release of the PS5, Sony has been experiencing supply problems in most countries around the world. From that day on, many accounts specializing in stock analysis and monitoring began to focus on PS5 stocks.

What strategy should you adopt to maximize your chances of getting a PS5 ?

1. Create a dedicated twitter account > This will allow you to see in your timeline only the publications related to the new PS5 restocks

2. Subscribe to all the accounts in the ranking above > We advise you to subscribe to as many accounts as possible and also to follow the accounts recommended by Twitter when you press the 'Subscribe' button. This will allow you to have a maximum of information and therefore chances.

Tip 1: Take the time to check if the account is still active and posts tweets that redirect to offers in your area. Some accounts are specialized in tracking German, French or Italian PS5 stocks. Others track PS5 restocks in North America.

Tip 2: It is also highly recommended to check if the account is still active.

3. Enable notifications on your most frequently used devices > This seems obvious, but many don't take the time to do it. Yet, it is a very important element considering how fast stocks are leaving.

With this strategy, you should quickly have opportunities to buy a PS5 on a site like Amazon or other marketplaces depending on your country. And with a little perseverance, get the coveted item: A brand new PS5.