By Gabriel - Tags #glossary - Updated on : January 25, 2023

ATC (Add To Cart) is a term used to describe the act of adding a sneaker to a shopping cart. This term is often used when purchasing sneakers online, as it allows the shopper to add a sneaker to their cart without having to go through the process of entering their payment and shipping information. ATC is a great way to easily add a sneaker to your cart, and is often the preferred method for those who are buying multiple items.

Additionally, ATC is also used as a term in the sneaker reselling community. It refers to the act of purchasing a highly coveted or limited edition sneaker as soon as it becomes available for purchase, with the intention of reselling it for a higher price. This practice is known as "sneaker flipping" and can be quite profitable for those who are able to successfully secure a pair of sought-after sneakers. ATC is an important tactic for those involved in sneaker reselling, as it allows them to acquire limited edition sneakers before they sell out.