About Us

TimeToCop was born from the association of two friends from Paris who were interested in the streetwear world. We specialized in the field of reselling in order to get the items we wanted above all, and as time went by we ended up loving it and couldn't go a day without discussing it! That's why we decided to launch this TimeToCop project, in order to make the streetwear/resell world accessible to a maximum of interested people. We are trying to help beginners to seriously start in the incredible world of streetwear, sneakers and resell by referencing as much data as possible!

When we wanted to start, we ran into several major problems: Who to ask questions to? How do I find out what's going on with sneakers? How to know if a pair will sell well if one day I don't want to wear it anymore? So many questions that remained unanswered. One day, we were wandering on Twitter and realized that groups gathering hundreds of enthusiasts existed. As the weeks went by, we heard more and more about these groups called cook group. We ended up joining a group advised by a few people, the group with the most active members at the time! We discovered a gathering of passionate people who were super available to help the beginners that we were. It helped us a lot and it saved us a lot of time! But a question arose: How to be sure that we are in the right groups? Isn't there a group with more hype and more features? Groups specialized in sneakers or collectibles? It's by asking ourselves these many questions that we decided to develop the main tool of TimeToCop: The list of cook groups from all over the world, sorted by area and price and very easily reachable.

It is with this vision that we continue to develop TimeToCop, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy it and to help you! If you have any suggestions or corrections to make, don't hesitate to tell us about them on our social networks.

[email protected] - 49 Rue de Ponthieu, Paris, 75008, Paris

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