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UK Based CookGroup | 100% Risk Free | Cop For The Personal Or Resell Your Choice!
No means of contact, we advise you to contact the cook-group on its social networks.
How to join ?
This cook group is currently open, to join it, go to the link above.
See the Q&A on the official website

What Is SwiftNotify❓

We're a UK / EU Based Cookgroup That Help Our Members Cop For The Personal Or Resell.

🥶 | Features;

🔹 In Depth Release Information.

🔹 Sitelists.

🔹 Guides For Both The Experienced & Beginners.

🔹 Hold / Sell Guides.

🔹 Early Links.

🔹 250+ Lighting Fast Restock Monitors.

🔹 Nike\SNKRS Backend Monitors - Active, Inactive & Early Access.

🔹 Nike Stock Numbers For Every Release.

🔹 World Wide Raffle Monitor.

🔹 Instore Infomation.

🔹 Tools

🔹 Item Flips.

🔹 Brick Flips.

🔹 Group Buys.

🔹 Legit Checks.

🔹 Giveaways.

🔹 Deals\Freebies.

🔹 Price Errors.

🔹 Reselling Profit Tracking Software With Multiple Different Features.

🔹 24/7 Support & The Best Community You Could Possibly Ask For.

🔹& More!

🔵 Includes SwiftAIO - Free For All SwiftNotify Members

What is SwiftAIO❓

SwiftAIO Is A Chrome Extension Designed Exclusively For SwiftNotify Members To Help Cop Manually.

🪄 | Features;

🔹 Clean And Easy To Use User Interface.

🔹 Supreme Module.

🔹 Shopify Module.

🔹 Stripe Module.

🔹 Hyper Module.

🔹 Kith EU.

🔹 Multiple Profiles.

New Update Coming Soon.

🏆 | There's So Much More We As A Cookgroup Provide To Our Members The List Goes On And On... Stop Missing Out And Join The Winning Team.

How does it work / how to join ?

When you've set up a discord account and you've purchased a membership for SwiftNotify from here you'll be emailed straight away with a key that you will bind to your discord account (Simple steps sent via email when purchased) then you will get access to the group/server instantly where you can see and use everything we provide - Start today within minutes!

Is Swiftnotify beginner friendly?

Yes! SwiftNotify is beginner friendly, if you're new to buying the latest releases for the personal or resell we provide 24/7 help and support, so if you have any questions or need any help staff and other members will be there to help you out asap. We also have a bunch of different guidies to help you get started and undertstand everything.

Do I need a bot ?

No you do not need a bot it's still very possible for you to cop manually! SwiftNotify is for both botters and manual users. Fun fact - 75% of our members are manual. However If you're wanting to start botting we do groupbuys every month for bots + more, which gives our members access to pruchase bots for retail rather than having paying resell becuase most are all sold out. Any questions about botting or how to get started with it we're more than happy to help.

Is reselling risk free ?

Yes it's 100% risk free. You can not lose any money from reselling, most online retailers have to legally offer atleast a 14 day+ retrun policy. For example if you purchased something from Nike and resell prices dropped to the point where you couldn't make any profit, you can retrun for free within 60days!

Do you offer refunds ?

No, there are no refunds after purchasing as you will get access to everything we offer instantly!

How do I cancel my membership ?

If you'd like to cancel your membership you can at any time with no hidden fees! Just make sure to go into the 'Manage Membership' category in the discord or email with your full name and email and a reason to why you're cancelling and we will cancel it the same day.

About Swift Notify

Swift Notify is a Sneaker Cook group, this cook group is Open and its price is £19.99/month