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The UK/EU-centric reselling community amplifying profits for the old and new 🚀🌙
No means of contact, we advise you to contact the cook-group on its social networks.
How to join ?
This cook group is currently open, to join it, go to the link above.
See the Q&A on the official website

What is a Cookgroup?

A Cookgroup is a community/group that focuses on churning profits for its' members., as such it is an group where people who want to cop hyped/limited releases for resell or personal go. This is facilitated by a plethora of information, release guides, raffle links, monitors and much, much more!

How can I join?

It's simple! Follow the steps below: 1. Create a Discord account for free: 2. Sign up to our free 7-day trial with either the link above or by clicking: 3. Click the 'Claim roles' button on our dashboard which can be found here: 4. It's as easy as that, you're ready to start making money 🤑

What do you guys provide?

At Pingshack we provide everything you need to start making money: - Comprehensive release guides, the where, when and how - Blazing fast monitors (over 300+ sites!) - Random resell, expand your horizon to console and GPU flips - In-store information, local flips - Scriptshack, our chrome extension based bot, FREE for all members - Toolshack, our member companion tool, FREE for all members - eBay watcher, viewer bots, get your items sold quicker! - Crypto & NFT calls, we do it all

What regions do you support?

We support both UK and the EU entirely 🇬🇧 🇪🇺, we make sure that our server is catered for everyone within these regions thanks to clever additions within our notification system 😈

Are you beginner friendly?

Yes, yes, yes! As our tagline says, we amplify profits for beginners and professionals alike, we explain each step of the process, we provide one-to-one sessions and a friendly staff team to ask questions!

Do I need a bot?

No you do not need a bot it's still very possible for you to cop manually! Pingshack is great for botters and manual users. If you're wanting to start botting we do groupbuys every month for bots + more. This means our members are privy to exclusive restocks for bots they would have paid resell for!

Is reselling risk-free?

For the most part. Yes. Most retailers nowadays offer some form of refund guarantee, meaning if something didn't sell within the "expected" timeframe, you're completely within your rights to return the item. Although with Pingshack, you won't be needing to send things back, we have a strict process to ensure what we ping in our server makes you profit.

Can I cancel my membership at anytime?

Yes, of course, we offer a transparent policy for membership cancellation meaning you're welcome to cancel at ANY time. Simple open a ticket, message staff, or email our admin team at

What are you waiting for? Join today!

About Pingshack

Pingshack is a Sneaker Cook group, this cook group is Open and its price is £30/month