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Pingshack cook group presentation banner
Pingshack cook group presentation banner
Pingshack cook group presentation banner

Pingshack Details

Pingshack is a premier UK/EU based reselling community or 'cookgroup'. We are dedicated to ensuring our members make profit, whether this be through reselling sneakers, tech, collectibles, tickets and even art! How we differ from other groups is for a multitude of reasons, as seen below.

👟 Sneaker / Streetwear Reselling
We keep our members up to date on every profitable release in the world of sneakers & streetwear

📆 Release Info
Everything you need to know about what's dropping, from the where, to the when & how

⚡ Monitors & Tools
Our members have the fastest monitors to pick up restocks + tools, checking 300+sites for restocks

ğŸŽ® Random Resell
Expand your horizon with non-sneaker related flips, offering a vast variety of opportunities flipping other items

ğŸŽ« Ticket Reselling
Optimize your profits in the ticket reselling market with exclusive insights, event analysis, and trading strategies

🆓 Price Errors & Deals
Discover amazing deals and price errors across the Web to save money or resell

🛒 Instore Info
We'll keep you posted on Instore flips too. Our info spans across hundreds of stores across UK/EU

❓ 1:1 Support
Our staff are always available for a chat. Offering 1:1 support for even the most trivial of queries.
No means of contact detected, we advise you to contact the cook-group on its social networks.
How to join ?
This cook group is currently open, to join it, go to the link above.
See the Q&A on the official website

What is Pingshack?

Pingshack is a Reselling Community, otherwise known as a 'Cookgroup', this is a community consisting of many other resellers from beginners to experts. Pingshack provides by a plethora of resources for newcomers looking to get started reselling right now!

Do I need experience?

No, none at all. Pingshack is beginner friendly, we'll walk you through the basics and help you become an experienced reseller in little to no time at all.

I work full-time, can I resell with Pingshack?

Yes, as do many of our members, working full time is no barrier to reselling, we find reselling works great for people who have other responsibilities due to the little effort required.

How much money can I make reselling with Pingshack?

Pingshack members make thousands monthly reselling high demand items such as Yeezy's, Nike sneakers, PS5s, GPUs, collectibles and many other goods.

Can I cancel at anytime?

100%, our plans are all commitment free meaning you can stop whenever you feel like.

About Pingshack

Pingshack is a Sneaker Cook group, this cook group is Open and its price is £30/month

Is any information missing?

Feel free to contact us on our Twitter to ask us to update the information !

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