Nike Vaporwaffle sacai Black White

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$525-$168 (-24%)
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Black/Summit White-Pure Platinum
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HIGHT $1202 | LOW $259
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sneakers Nike Vaporwaffle sacai Black White

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Nike Vaporwaffle sacai Black White is a sneakers from the brand Nike released on 11/13/2020 (3 years ago). The selling price of the last sale is $525, the last sale was made on 12/06/2023 (5 months ago). The id style is : CV1363-001 and the colorway is : Black/Summit White-Pure Platinum. The highest selling price in the last 365 days is $1202 and the lowest is $259.

The history of a pair with a strong history

First seen in the 80s, popularized in the 2000s by skateboarders, then by sneakerheads, this pair gradually fell into oblivion during the last decade, before making a comeback lately, thanks to the help of several godfathers of modern street culture, such as Virgil Abloh and Travis Scott.

It should be noted that it was one of the first pairs that created riots in downtown Manhattan, so much so that the SWAT team had to intervene to escort the young people to a safe place so that they do not get hurt in the crowd. It was in 2005 when Nike released the Dunk SB Low "Pigeon", a pair created with designer Jeff Staple in only 150 copies. For several days, campers took place in front of the blind and the crowd is constant. However, these images mark a great first in the history of sneaker culture. Above all, they represent well the phenomenal impact that the Nike SB Dunk had on this movement.

An amazing collaboration to say the least

Given that nothing seems to make sense anymore, the world's most popular shoe in 2020 is not a usual collaboration with a fashion designer like Virgil Abloh. Nor is it a creation of a Travis Scott-level entertainment star. Nor is it a super-luxe sneaker, a work of design. Instead, for the biggest release of 2020, Nike joined forces with a brand you usually see in the frozen food aisle at your local convenience store - Ben & Jerry's. All for a reinterpretation of the Dunk silhouette that looks like a souvenir from an LSD trip. Meet the Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry's Chunky Dunky.

Details that dive into the world of Ben & Jerry's

This appetizing collaboration between the Nike brand and the famous ice cream manufacturer has a look to say the least ... colorful. The latter is indeed inspired by ice cream tubs and presents a stem decorated with a rural landscape, displaying a combination of blue and green. Then we discover overlays and a tongue in faux cowhide, a multicolored inner lining, and a delicious yellow swoosh starting to melt in the sun like ice cream. The "CHUNKY DUNKY" Nike SB tag adds the perfect touch to this extravagant design.

A most profitable investment

The Ben & Jerry's x Nike SB Dunk Low "Chunky Dunky" sneaker hit the market at a few Nike SB skateshops on May 23, 2020 for the price of $100, then was released at 9am on on May 26. The pair is now selling for around $1450, a multiplier of 14 for this pair alone. The investment has proven to be extremely profitable for early buyers, but if the price is so high, it is mainly because the pair is unique and original in its kind, very few people agree to resell this iconic pair, and among the most prized on the market.