Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt

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Retro Black/Metallic Silver
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HIGHT $23000 | LOW $23000
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sneakers Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt
Lowest Ask: $27,750
Highest Bid: $10,550

Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt is a sneakers from the brand Jordan released on 11/23/2015 (7 years ago). The selling price of the last sale is $23,000, the last sale was made on 01/19/2022 (a year ago). The id style is : SP15-MNJDLS-879/582314 and the colorway is : Retro Black/Metallic Silver. The highest selling price in the last 365 days is $23000 and the lowest is $23000.

The incredible story of the pair

This pair is a collaboration between the brand Jordan, rapper Eminem, and the brand Carhartt. It was only possible to buy this pair on Ebay through auctions.

Its story is touching as it was only produced in 10 copies, and all proceeds from the sale were donated to the Marshall Mathers foundation which helps young people in difficulty.

This sale allowed to collect more than 250,000 dollars for the foundation, a memorable gesture from the rapper that helped to restore the image of the sneaker world.

The design of Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Carhartt

Its design is very simple and sober. The pair is dressed in a solid black Carhartt canvas with some chrome touches at the ends of the laces. Eminem also adds his touch with the inverted "E" written in relief black on the back of the heel of the sneaker.

It is a simple and chic collector's piece, it will attract the attention of connoisseurs without appearing flashy. In the field, it is a work of art, a masterpiece.

Its price today

Due to the rarity of this pair and the auction selling price, you can still get it on StockX if you are willing to spend 23,000$.

This pair has a symbolic value and is not intended to be an investment that outperforms profitability.

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