Shock Drop

By Gabriel - Tags #glossary - Updated on : January 8, 2023

Shock Drop is a term used to describe the release of a sneaker with no advance notice. This type of release is often used by sneaker brands to create hype and excitement around a new item. Shock drops are usually announced on social media just minutes before the sneaker is available for purchase. These types of releases often lead to a great deal of excitement and interest in the item, as people scramble to purchase the item before it sells out.

Shock drops can be a great way for sneaker brands to generate buzz and hype around a new release, as they create a sense of urgency and exclusivity. Sneakerheads who are able to purchase a shock drop item feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment, as they were able to snag a highly sought-after item before anyone else.

However, shock drops can also be frustrating for some consumers who may miss out on the opportunity to purchase the item due to lack of notice or availability. It can also be challenging for consumers who may be unable to access the internet or social media during the brief window of time when the shock drop is announced.

Another factor to consider with shock drops is the impact they can have on resell market. Due to the limited availability and high demand of shock drop items, they can often sell for significantly higher prices on the resell market. This can make it difficult for consumers who are unable to purchase the item at retail price to obtain the item at a reasonable cost.

Shock drops are a marketing strategy that can generate excitement and buzz around a new sneaker release. While they can be thrilling for those who are able to purchase the item, they can also be frustrating for those who miss out. Additionally, the impact of shock drops on the resell market can make it challenging for some consumers to obtain the item at a reasonable price.