By Gabriel - Tags #glossary - Updated on : January 7, 2023

Restock is a term used to describe the process of replenishing an item that has sold out. Generally, this process involves retailers restocking a sold-out item to meet the demands of customers. Restocks can be a great way to acquire a hard-to-find item, as they can often be purchased at a discounted price. However, restocks can be very unpredictable and can happen at any time, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest restock news in order to be prepared.

In the world of sneakers, restocks are highly anticipated events for sneakerheads who may have missed out on a coveted pair of shoes during the initial release. A restock can provide a second chance for collectors to purchase a sought-after sneaker, sometimes at a retail price, and sometimes at a slightly higher price due to the demand.

Restocks can occur for various reasons, such as a manufacturer producing more stock, a retailer returning unsold inventory, or even a limited-edition sneaker receiving a surprise restock. In some cases, restocks may also include exclusive colorways or new versions of the same sneaker.

Restocks can also be beneficial for retailers, as they can help increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Restocking an item that has previously sold out can create a sense of urgency (FOMO, Fear Of Missing Out) among customers and encourage them to make a purchase before the item sells out again.