Colorway (CW)

By Gabriel - Tags #glossary - Updated on : January 25, 2023

Colorway is a term used to describe the unique combination of colors used on a sneaker. Typically, this includes the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors used on the upper, midsole, and outsole. Colorways are often designed to create an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching look, and many brands have signature colorways that are associated with them. Colorways can be an important factor when it comes to reselling sneakers, as some colorways can fetch higher prices than others.

Colorways can also have cultural or historical significance. For example, some colorways are inspired by a certain era or style of fashion, or by a specific location or cultural movement. These colorways can be particularly appealing to sneaker enthusiasts who are interested in the history and cultural context of the sneakers they collect. Additionally, certain colorways can also be associated with certain sports teams or athletes, and these colorways are often particularly popular among fans of those teams or athletes.

Another thing to consider about colorway is it's limited release, some colorways are only released in a certain quantity and are considered to be "limited edition" or "exclusive" and are highly sought-after by collectors. This can also affect the perceived value of a sneaker, as limited edition colorways can often fetch much higher prices than general release colorways. Sneakerheads should be aware of this when considering purchasing a sneaker, as the colorway can have a significant impact on the sneaker's value.